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Me! I'm this asshole! :D

Name: Frankie/Kim
Gender: bigenderfluidflux (your guess is as good as mine!)
Pronouns: she/her, he/him, ke/ker
Age: 19
Birthday: August 15th
Likes: brightly-patterned button ups, statement pieces, having money in my bank account
Dislikes: bacon grease, moldy dairy, freeze-dried vegetables in cup ramen

An animated divider of red blood dripping.

Hey, you found my about page! I go by a lot of names, but you can call me Frankie or Kim. I'm turning twenty in August (oh god, isn't that terrifying?), and I want to get a job in the animation industry! However, the animation industry is big and scary, so I'm probably minoring in something normal like finance or web design. You know, normal adult stuff for people who pay taxes.

What am I? That's a good question. When I know the answer, I'll be sure to tell you! I have several different identity labels that I rotate depending on my mood... bigender, genderfluid, bigenderflux... one day I'll figure it out, right? Or maybe I won't! I seem to exist in a constant state of changing and morphing (but then again, who doesn't?).

I have a loooot of interests and hobbies. My biggest interest of all of them is comedy! Comedy has been this ever-present force in my life ever since I was a kid, and I find so much about it fascinating. The good, the bad, the utterly confusing... as most people do, I prefer comedy when it's good, but my tolerance for bad comedy is much higher than most! For most people, there is nothing to gain when watching a bad comedy. When watching a bad action or horror movie, you can at least find comedy in its ineptitude. But where is the comedy in something that is meant to be funny and failing horribly? Who knows! I manage to find it though. And sometimes watching things that are unfunny helps you learn what does and doesn't work when writing comedy, so maybe there's some educational value in it after all.

As for other interests, I like drawing, writing, astrology, crystals, tarot cards, and collecting things! I love collecting CDs and crystals- I don't really believe in crystal healing, but I like keeping the gems around anyways.

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A green blinkie with peridot gems that reads August Born. A blinkie with a rainbow background and white text reading angel. On both sides of the text are a smiley face with angel wings. A white blinkie with a blinking blue dotted line border. The blinkie has text reading Doing my part to piss off the religious right, and there's a rainbow triangle on the left side of the text. A blinkie with the trans flag as the background. Black text is overlaid that reads Transgender. A rainbow blinkie with a rainbow border. The text is in a black bubble letter font with a yellow outine, and it reads Who needs drugs when you've got blinkies? A blue blinkie with a blinking yellow border that reads You looked better in the chatroom. A black blinkie with a flashing heart border that reads I love you, asshole. A black blinkie with yellow text that reads Shhh... dumbass at work. A red blinkie with black text that reads Sexy and single A black blinkie with yellow text that reads Bisexuals have the best of both worlds. A light yellow blinkie with black text that reads I'm not crazy, your reality is just different than mine. A light blue blinkie with purple text that reads My halo is temporarily out of order. A light gray blinkie with dark gray text that reads A life? What's that?