I added a scrollbar that shows off all my blinkies! Granted, I didn't code it myself or anything... I stole it from a different website... and then it broke my website... and then I had to ask King for help because he's better at coding than I am. But hey, it works! It's on my about page, if you want to check it out. It's 2 AM as I write this... currently eating ramen. I'd kill for a bagel right now.

Once I woke up, I worked on my Drawing 2 assigment for a few hours before I streamed Dream Drop Distance with Seven. Over the past couple of months, we've been going through every Kingdom Hearts game (which is really good timing, considering that there's a new game coming out... soon-ish, I think). I'm really enjoying this game so far... but that might be just because I'm glad Axel is back. I hope he does more later in the game.

I also worked on coding stuff today! Mainly scouring dA and Tumblr for usable stamps and 88x31 buttons to put on my sidebar, but I also made an update section on my home page! I stole the code from that from King, and then it immediately broke my site and I needed to get him to fix it for me. Turns out I needed to change the span tag to a div id? Weird. They don't know why it got that fucked up either! Code really is strange...