Ah, the woes of adulthood. I keep forgetting to update my Neocities.

Hi everyone! I hope you didn't miss me too much. Work's... still bearable, surprisingly. I've gotten a real good handle on how everything works, and I can close the store in less than 30 minutes (my record is 23 minutes!). Unfortunately... I'm not getting back on campus this year. Since we moved in between tax reports and I"m no longer in the same state as my college, there's a ballsy out-of-state fee that we don't really have the cash to pay. So, I've been trying to enroll in online classes to knock out some extra credits before returning next year.

...Keyword being trying.

Consider the following. My college has a list of colleges that they accept credits from, and it's organized by state. Of course, not all of those colleges offer online classes, so I need to find classes that apply to either my major or my minor. But oh! That's not all! I also need to check those classes to see if they can be turned into credits when I transfer! And THEN, I need to check THOSE classes to see if they can CURRENTLY be turned into credits! (YES, THOSE ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!) It doesn't help that my minor is a specific writing offshoot, which makes finding colleges that offer courses for it (let alone online courses, let alone online courses with credits that transfer to the right goddamn major) a pain in my horribly gay ass. I emailed the dean about it, and he said that if I find a class at one college that is also offered under my minor, I can submit a substitution so I can get the right credits for it.

... Is that confusing? Welcome to my life! Well, it also might be confusing because I've been drinking. Which is something I can do now! I've learned that the best drink is peach vodka mixed with peach iced tea, and that all beer drinkers must be fucked in the head to enjoy something that tastes like licking rust off a pipe. Eugh.

Anything else interesting? Hm... work has made me more creative on my days off. I got Labor Day off and I got to swim for the first time in a couple of years. There's someone I'm into at the moment- you know, for this website being homosexual diaries, I don't really talk about my love life a lot, do I- but I'm severely alleric to admitting I have feelings for people. I get rashes. So knowing me, I'll just ignore it until it goes away. It's a shame, too. I think we'd be really cute together.